Check Out These Great Tips For Promoting Your Music Via Social Media

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Bella Starr 01/28/20

Whether This Is Your First Time Putting Your Music Out There, Or You’re a Professional Artist…Here Are a Some Insightful Tips To Make a Big Impact On Social Media!

There’s Plenty Of Platforms For Upcoming Artists In 2020. There is Of Course Youtube, Spotify, TIDAL, Tik Tok, Soundcloud & Bandcamp. Some Even Monetizing Your Streams.

After Uploading Your Music On The Web, It’s Time To Promote It To The Masses!

Create An Interactive Fan Page Via Facebook, and Invite Everyone You Know, Their Friends, and Everyone You Meet Along The Way.

Share Your Music Via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Ect; Make Sure You Tag As Many People As You Can with a Good Headline That Stands Out.

Post Your Music, Pictures, and Footage Of Past Performances. Be Creative; Ask Your Fans Music-Themed Questions Time To Time, Share a Lyric or Two From An Upcoming Song.

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Also, Take a Few Minutes a Day To Check Out What Your Friends Are Sharing Online, and Pass Along. Maybe Even Send a Message, and Ask Them To Share Your New Music On Their Page As Well.

Make Sure To Stay Present At least 3-5xs a Week On Social Media. An Artist’s Presence Online Is Very Important(Especially If You’re Just Starting Out). Use All That’s Available On The Apps.

Go LIVE If You Can, and Interact With Your Followers. Use Lots Of #Hashtags (EX: #NewMusic #Music #MusicArtist #Follow #FollowMyMusic #Your Name/Groups Name).

Connect With Music Blogs (EX:, Ect. Email Them, Ask For a Feature, Interview, Or Even Add Your New Video On Their Site. Networking Is Very Important!

With These Simple Tips You Should Be Growing In Views, and Gaining New Followers In No Time!

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