Check Out These Trending Dance Videos, Flashmobs, DJs World-Wide, Dance Challenges & Dancers From All Over The World!! 

Music In Motion Mondayz

Tik Tok Is Becoming One of The Biggest Platforms For Dancers and Artists Around The Globe. Even Celebrities Are Jumping On Tik Tok To Release New Music and Announcements.

Recently, Justin Bieber Posted On Tik Tok To Promote His Newest Single, “Yummy”, and Instantly It Trended To Thousands Of Tik Tok Followers.

Check Out Some Of These Dance Challenges Below and You Will See Why Everyone Is Downloading Tik Tok.

Check Out This Mom and Son Doing The “Yummy Challenge”..Everyone Of All Ages Is Doing Tik Tok Challenges, and It’s ONLY Growing In Numbers.

House Djs and Electro/Pop Duo, Giolì and Assia From Sicily are Making a Name For Themselves After Their Latest Video Went VIRAL!!

Check It Out Below…


After Being Stranded at The Charlotte National Airport, Missing a Connecting Flight. Passenger, Mahshid Mazooji Took Her Frustrations Out By Dancing To Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”.


She Got Other Passengers, Airport Security, and Even a Starbuck’s Barista To Join In For a Little Late Night Dancing! Check Out The Video NOW!! & Remember NEXT Time Your Stuck In An Airport Over-Night…Just DANCE!!


The #DoTheShiggyChallenge Is Taking Over The Web!! Many Artists & Fans Are Posting Their Moves To Drake’s New Single, “In My Feelings”.


This Flashmob Put Together By SWR1 Hit The The Streetz Of Germany With an AMAZING Performance Of Eric Clapton’s “Stairway To Heaven.” Check It Out!!