Ja Rule’s Civil Suit Concerning The 2017 Fyre Festival Dropped!

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On Wednesday(7/10), All Claims Against Ja Rule Concerning The 2017 Fyre Festival Have Been Dropped.

In a 32 Page Decision, Judge Kevin Castel Ruled That Ja Rule, Whose Real Name Is Jeffery Atkins Didn’t Necessarily Know The Fyre Festival Would Be a Complete Disaster.

However, Judge Castel Gave Plaintiffs 3 Weeks To Present Additional Evidence Against The Rapper.

The 2017 Fyre Festival Was Promoted To The Elite With Promises To Be Bigger and Better Than Coachella..In Reality It Was a Complete Chaotic Disaster! The Concert Goers Arrived In The Bahamas To Wet and Damaged Infrastructures, and Amenities That Left Them Stranded In FEMA Tents Eating Bread With Cheese Slices.

The Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland Is Currently Serving Six Years Behind Bars and Was Ordered To Forfeit $26 Million as Punishment For Defrauding Investors In The Event.

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