pink beautiful trauma

In This 1960’s Themed Music Video, P!nk Portrays a “Perfect” Housewife For Her Husband(Channing Tatum).

The Two Transform To Ginger and Fred Hart — A Tribute To Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Ginger(P!nk) Begins The Morning With a Stretch, Getting Out Of Bed To Start Her “Housewife” Duties. While Husband(Channing) Sits On The Plastic Covered Chair and Reads The Morning Paper.

Ginger, Not So Perfect Goes Onto Burning a Hole In Fred’s Shirt With The Iron, Then Burns The Breakfast She Has Prepared For Him.

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Fred Sneaks Some Alcohol Into His Morning Coffee, While Ginger Takes a Handfuls of Pills From The Cabinet, Playing On The Song’s Hook “My love, my love, my love, my drug.”

The Two Break Out In a Choreographed “Beautiful Trauma” Dance In The Kitchen.

Followed Up With a Scene Of Ginger and Fred Cross Dressing, Dancing Around Their Bedroom.

Later, Enjoying The Evening Drinking, Dancing and Having a Good Time.

Eventually Ending Back In Bed, Where The Day Began.

CHECK OUT THE FULL VIDEO(BELOW) For P!nk ‘Beautiful Trauma’...





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