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New Artist Alert

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New Artist ALERT

Rising Star in Country Music, Tanner Adell Releases New Single, “Buckle Bunny”

New Artist Alert - Tanner Adell
Photos © 2023 by: Frank Griseta

Tanner Adell, the rising star in country music, has a fascinating journey that blends her unique upbringing and diverse musical influences. Her latest single, “Buckle Bunny” showcases her genre-blending style and captivating vocals.

With a mix of glam and country flair, Tanner Adell is making her mark in the music scene.

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Tanner’s background is a delightful mix of contrasts. She grew up between Manhattan Beach, California, and Star Valley, Wyoming—two vastly different worlds. In California, she began modeling at just 6 months old, while her summers in Wyoming were filled with fence-fixing and four-wheeler rides with cousins. This dual experience shaped her into the artist she is today, combining the glam of Los Angeles with the ruggedness of the country.

Her musical tastes reflect this rich upbringing. From disco and jazz (thanks to her dad) to Josh Turner, Keith Urban, and Eric Church (courtesy of her Wyoming cousins), Tanner absorbed it all. She listened to everyone from the Bee Gees and Natalie Cole to Britney Spears, Josh Turner, Destiny’s Child, and Beyoncé. Genre didn’t matter; what counted was whether a song made her feel something or if it was one, she wished she could have written.

As she grew up, Tanner honed her talents as a singer, writer, and dancer. She envisioned herself performing on stage, and so her transition to becoming an entertainer was natural. In 2021, she made the move to Nashville, the heart of country music, to pursue her dreams, signing with Columbia Records. With her conviction, energetic songs, and genre-blending style, Tanner Adell is poised to make waves in the country music scene.

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Afro Fusion Sensation Meyar Drops New Single, “The Weekend”

New Artist Alert

Afro-fusion artist Meyar is set to captivate music lovers once again with the release of his latest single, “The Weekend.” This anticipated track is primed to take the airwaves by storm, offering listeners a captivating blend of infectious beats, soulful melodies, and irresistible rhythms. Meyar, known for his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences, continues to push the boundaries of his creativity with “The Weekend.”

Drawing inspiration from his rich cultural heritage and personal experiences, Meyar delivers a musical masterpiece that resonates with audiences worldwide. “The Weekend” is a celebration of love and the joy of living in the moment. With its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks, the song serves as the perfect soundtrack for weekend festivities, parties, and carefree moments with friends and loved ones. Meyar’s smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the pulsating rhythm, creating an immersive listening experience that is sure to leave fans craving for more.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, He stated, “Music has the power to strengthen relationships and bring joy and love to the heart of listeners. With ‘The Weekend,’ I wanted to create a feel-good anthem that reminds lovers to cherish the moments of happiness and togetherness, especially during the weekend.”

With excellent production by Skhallon, “The Weekend” showcases Meyar’s exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals and fresh talents, Meyar has crafted a timeless hit that is destined to leave a lasting impression on the music industry. Meyar remains committed to delivering music that inspires, entertains, and uplifts audiences around the globe. With his unique blend of Afro-fusion sounds and infectious energy, Meyar continues to solidify his status as one of the most exciting talents in the African music scene

“The Weekend” is now available on all major streaming platforms. For media inquiries, interviews, or booking requests, please contact:

Follow Meyar on social media for the latest updates and exclusive content:
Instagram: @meyaroti
Twitter: @meyar_oti
Facebook: @meyaroti

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new artist alert

Former NFL player turned singer-songwriter Blake Proehl has just released “Chapters,” an emotional song about the next step that he is taking in life. Having roots in both pop and R&B, Blake checked every box with this track and it is set to be an exceptional addition to his catalog. It is emotional yet captivating – you can feel his passion for his journey through the lyrics.

After spending his life chasing his dream of playing in the NFL, he accomplished his goal, only to then face a severe injury, forever altering his career path. In the midst of pain and disappointment, he found healing through writing songs like “Chapters”: a resilient and inspirational reflection on the hope found in opened and closed doors.

“Chapters” is a remarkable example of Blake’s extraordinary vocal talent. Continuing his journey, he will be a contestant on the upcoming season of American Idol, premiering this month! A true embodiment of versatility, Blake seamlessly transitions from his accomplished football career in the NFL to a full-time pursuit of his passion as a singer.

Listen to “Chapters” here, available on streaming platforms now!

For more information on Blake Proehl and his music, visit blakeproehlofficial.comInstagramTikTok, and YouTube.

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About Blake Proehl

Blake Proehl gives it his all, whether he’s on the field or on the stage.

Proehl isn’t your everyday singer-songwriter — he worked his whole life to achieve his dream of making it to the NFL, ultimately joining the Minnesota Vikings as a wide receiver. After a devastating injury during his rookie season, though, his life in football came to a screeching halt.

Proehl isn’t stepping away from that part of his story just yet, but during the recovery period and unexpected downtime, he encountered another surprise: falling in love with music.

His musical journey began with his family, and a video of him sharing his singing voice with his grandmother for the first time unexpectedly went viral on TikTok, surprising even Proehl himself. The tens of millions of views say it all — people are ready to hear more from Blake.

Now, Proehl says he’s committed to making a recovery and continuing his time in the NFL, while being equally committed to his musical journey. His pop and r&b sound has the natural likability of predecessors like Justin Bieber, and Proehl’s humility and gentle spirit make it hard not to want to root for him.

As an artist expanding his skill set with the piano, guitar, and co-writing sessions, Proehl isn’t afraid of entering new territory. His smooth vocals are just the beginning — he is constantly gaining artistic inspiration from his interpersonal relationships as well as his own journey to physical recovery.

With each song and piece of content that Proehl creates, he hopes his music can act as a way to help people express themselves and avoid putting on any fronts.

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new artist alert
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 Alexis Arnold has just released “Taken For Granted,” an inspiring anthem about knowing one’s value and worth. This track showcases Alexis Arnold’s incredible vocals as well as her ability to create a hit song.

“Taken For Granted”, an empowering anthem that encourages self-confidence and independence, is the second single from the forthcoming EP, Hard To Let Goset for release on April 12. The chorus preaches valuing one’s own self-worth and walking away from toxic and one-sided situations. Overall, the track encourages listeners to be confident in oneself and not allow anyone to mistreat them.

“Taken For Granted” is an upbeat pop track that will leave every listener happy and inspired. This song is not only a joyous experience but also a call to action for self-empowerment and resilience, ensuring its place as a standout track in Alexis Arnold’s growing discography.

“Taken For Granted” is now available on streaming platforms here! View the official lyric video here.

For more information on Alexis Arnold and her music, visit Alexisarnoldofficial.comInstagramTikTok, and YouTube.

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About Alexis Arnold

Alexis Arnold is a South Florida native whose relatable pop, ballad-heavy music has propelled her into the spotlight. The singer-songwriter’s ability to combine soulful music with an upbeat pop presence that is similar to the likes of Adele, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys, along with powerhouse vocals and a stunning vocal range, has set her apart. She was first recognized by Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre at age 13 winning a local talent show with her rendition of “A Whole New World” which later led her onto theater stages, as a Freshman she landed the lead role of Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. As her voice matured, she was trained classically which enabled her to sing in different languages. She landed a music scholarship to Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia where she had the privilege to sing in Rome, Italy for Pope Benedict.

After deciding to pursue music professionally, Alexis began posting covers on her YouTube Channel that quickly garnered millions of views. Alexis has been personally styled by Barbara Hulanicki, a fashion icon and founder of the brand Biba, who hand selected all the pieces and sketched her for her performance of her original music Live at the Amaturo Theater. Alexis’ original songs showcase not only her vocal range ability but also display her vulnerability as a writer by displaying raw and honest lyrics that pertain to her personal life. She has been acknowledged by Grammy-nominated producers as an artist to keep an eye on, and has been recognized by Milton Bullock, who was part of the famous group “The Platters,” where she performed with him at the Ugandan Thunder Farewell Concert – an outreach of the humanitarian and mission organization “Pennies for Posho” that is committed to feeding the hungry children of Africa.

Now, with a handful of original songs, Alexis is ready to show the world who she truly is, and hopefully inspire a few listeners along the way. “I hope that my music can bring light and hope to people, and really inspire them to chase whatever it is in life that makes them truly happy,” she says. “I hope that people listen to my songs and know that you’re never alone.” Her latest project was written with lyricist George Tizzard and producer Rick Parkhouse, who have worked with artists such as Charlie Puth, 5 Seconds of Summer, Dean Lewis, and James Arthur.

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New Artist Alert

Indie pop singer-songwriter Holden Miller released “Love Myself,” an upbeat single about feeling like a mess, but loving yourself regardless. This song is incredibly relatable, while also being catchy and enjoyable.

Holden said that "I wrote 'Love Myself' when I literally woke up one morning and realized that my life felt like a mess. In writing the first verse of the song, I had a second realization that the messiness is actually the very beauty in my life, and any wish I might have to be someone else might have led me down a path, I would have hated.

It’s about accepting the chaos and knowing it has paved the way for a lifestyle that cultivates creativity, even if it’s difficult to navigate at times. Sonically, the song was inspired by late 90s/early 2000s rock such as Weezer and Fountains of Wayne.

"Love Myself," Holden's final single preceding his debut album releasing October 20th, is a captivating track that is set to become a fan favorite. The track is now available on all streaming platforms here, and make sure to be on the lookout for a music video being released in coming weeks!

For more information on Holden Miller and his music, visit Holdenmillermusic.comInstagramTikTok, and YouTube.


New Artist Alert
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Today, pop country singer-songwriter Jeorgia Rose released "Boxes,” an emotional single about yearning for one's childhood. “Boxes” delves into the profound longing to relive the innocence and simplicity of youth, as Jeorgia reflects on the pressure of adulthood and the desire to embrace life's complexities with the childlike wonder we all once had.

Explaining the emotion behind the song, Jeorgia said that “'Boxes' is about everything I took for granted as a child. Over the last year especially, I’ve felt a lot of pressure from myself to have my life figured out. I had been reminiscing on how easy my childhood was – I didn’t care about what my body looked like or where I would end up, I just lived in the moment. I often wish I could go back to that, so I wrote a song about it."

"Boxes" is a song written from the heart, and has an acoustic start featuring a beautiful buildup that is guaranteed to leave listeners with feelings of nostalgia and appreciation for the memories that shaped us.

Additionally, Jeorgia released an accompanying music video which is now live on YouTube here. The video showcases the singer in her younger years playing at the beach, celebrating Christmas, laughing with family, and embracing life's simple pleasures. The video shows clips from both her past and present, allowing viewers to witness Jeorgia singing from the intimacy of her bedroom, infusing the visuals with raw emotion and vulnerability.

Listen to "Boxes" here, available on all streaming platforms now!

For more information on Jeorgia Rose and her music, visit jeorgiarose.comInstagramTikTok, and YouTube.

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