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Dubai ’s music scene is buzzing with artists from all corners of the world, creating original music inspired by this vibrant city. 

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Whether you’re into soulful melodies, rap, or pop, these Dubai-based musicians are at the top of their game.

Moh Flow, also known as Molham Homsi, is a talented Syrian-born artist who wears multiple hats as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Dubai - Moh Flow
“I’m with the banned” – Moh Flow feat. Pusha T

His melodic rap tunes have garnered attention across the globe.

Moh Flow released three mixtapes: “Nothing Personal,” “Peace Love & Music,” and “Born Ready.”

His latest single, “Deserve”, showcases his signature style and continues to resonate with listeners.

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Emirati hip-hop artist Saud G, also known as Saud Garima, is creating a stir in the music industry. His tracks often feature melodic hooks and insightful lyrics.

Dubai - Saud G
Saud G – Shakimah | سعود جي – شكيمة (official Music video)

Some of his notable tracks include “Blue” (feat. MIAME): A captivating track that showcases his versatility. You can find it on various digital platforms like Apple Music and Spotify

‘Additionally, his single “Mawjood” (موجود) with Ahmedoo Biggie represents another collaboration that showcases his talent.’

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Saud G has graced the stages of major festivals, including Sikka Art Festival, Sole DXB, and Bred Abu Dhabi. His performances resonate with audiences, and he continues to gain recognition.

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Arqam Al Abri, also known as Arqam, is an Emirati soul singer who has made a significant impact in the music scene.

Dubai - Argam Al Abri
Argam Al Abri performing at the World Expo in Dubai.

Born and raised in the UAE, Arqam is deeply connected to his roots. His music seamlessly blends old-school soul with neo-soul beats, while his lyrics are rooted in positivitylove, and the search for purpose.

Arqam has graced various stages, including Expo 2020 and halftime performances during the Abu Dhabi Games. His soulful tunes resonate with audiences, and he continues to inspire through his art.

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Another artist to look out for is Aston Wylie. This talented artist, who currently calls Dubai home, is making waves in the music industry.

Dubai - Aston Wylie

Aston has performed over 1000 gigs, including corporate events, weddings, festivals, and TV shows, including South Africa’s ‘The Voice.’

His captivating live looping performance style sets him apart from the rest. Aston Wylie recently released a video for his new song, “Lights Down Low. (Below)

Whether it’s “Lights Down Low,” or another one of his other uplifting melodies, Aston Wylie’s passion for music shines through. 🎵🌟

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Dubai’s music landscape is diverse, and these artists are shaping its future. Whether you’re grooving to rap, soul, or pop, keep an ear out for these talented musicians. 🎶🌟

Other upcoming artists to be on the watch for include Freek, Mira Habash, Nurzy, Off Kourse, and Tac.

Check out the full list of music artists in Dubai on our YouTube channel.

Dubai - Drai's Nightclub
Drai’s Nightclub in Dubai

“Let’s explore the seven continents of music in 2024, each with its unique rhythms, melodies, and cultural expressions.”

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