Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr passed away Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, Coolio’s longtime manager, Jarez, says Coolio went to the bathroom at his friend’s house, but when he didn’t come out after a while … the friend kept calling for him, and eventually went in and found Coolio laying on the floor.

No drugs were found at the scene. Police have opened a death investigation, but as of right now there does not appear to be signs of foul play.

Coolio began his rap career in the 80s around L.A. In 1995 when he released “Gangsta’s Paradise” for the soundtrack of the Michelle Pfeiffer film, “Dangerous Minds.”

The song reached #1 and stayed there for 3 weeks.

While ‘Gangsta Paradise’ became his signature hit, Coolio had several others records; Including 1994’s “Fantastic Voyage“, “1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)” and “It’s All the Way Live (Now).”

Coolio recently performing at Chicago’s ‘Riot Fest’ in Illinois on Sept.18, 2022.

Coolio was 59 years old.

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