The band, Leenalchi was the big winner of the night with three awards: Artist of the Year, Best Crossover Album, and Best Modern Rock Song.

Followed by BTS with 2 awards for Song of the Year and Best Pop Song.

“I think that a lot of people have been touched by our sincerity through ‘Dynamite.We will work hard to repay the gift of such a valuable award with even better music.” Jungkook stated after winning.

The 18th annual Korean Music Awards were held on February 28, 2021 via Naver NOW.

Check out some of the winners of the night(below)..

Here’s the full list of winners…

Album of the Year: “ChungPa Sonata” (Jeongmilla)

Song of the Year: “Dynamite” (BTS)

Artist of the Year: LEENALCHI

Rookie of the Year: Meaningful Stone

Best Rock Album: “Daydream” (ABTB)

Best Rock Song: “Daydream” (feat. YoonChul Shin) (ABTB)

Best Modern Rock Album: “Blue Pillow” (Jo Dongik)

Best Modern Rock Song: “Tiger Is Coming” (LEENALCHI)

Best Metal and Hardcore Album: “All the Wounded and Broken” (Remnants of the Fallen)

Best Pop Album: “Every letter I sent you.” (Baek Yerin)

Best Pop Song: “Dynamite” (BTS)

Best Dance and Electronic Album: “Open Mind” (Mogwaa)

Best Dance and Electronic Song: “Bye Bye Summer” (Aseul)

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album: “GAROSAWK” (Khundi Panda)

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song: “Mama Lisa” (Swervy)

Best R&B and Soul Album: “Serenade” (Sunwoo JungA)

Best R&B and Soul Song: “Ritual Dance” (Chudahye Chagis)

Best Folk Album: “ChungPa Sonata” (Jeongmilla)

Best Folk Song: “Departing from Seoul Station” (Jeongmilla)

Best Jazz Album: “Song Changsik Song Book” (MALO)

Best Crossover Album: “SUGUNGGA” (LEENALCHI)

Best Jazz and Crossover Performance: “Colorist” (Soojin Suh)

Special Achievement Award: Deulgukhwa

Special Committee Award: “Earkey Project”

The Korean Music Awards is an annual South Korean music awards show that honors both mainstream and underground musical artists from a variety of genres.

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